Caltex Awarded Superbrand Status in Sri Lanka

April 23, 2006 : Caltex in Sri Lanka has been awarded Superbrand status by Superbrands Lanka.


Superbrands Lanka is part of the Superbrands organization which is based in the UK but acclaimed worldwide as being an independent authority and arbiter of branding excellence. Superbrands analyses brand performance across all major geographical markets in order to recognise, reward, and reinforce leading brands performing above and beyond competitor activities.


The Superbrands organization was founded in 1995 as a body that focused on promoting the discipline of branding and identifying and paying tribute to exceptional brands. In a 10 year period, the Superbrand status has been recognized as the benchmark for brand success whilst the organization itself has become recognized as the global branding authority. Superbrands have launched programmes in over 55 countries including all the key global markets. Brands qualifying as a Superbrand in any country are automatically invited to become members of the international network and take part in a promotional campaign around the country’s programme. At present the organization works with over 2400 brands across the globe from a diverse range of sectors.


Caltex is a leading brand in lubricants in the Sri Lankan market. The companies strong marketing fundamentals have resulted in the brand being recognised as a among the top 5 power brands in Sri Lanka. The strong brand position enjoyed by Caltex sets it apart from its competition leveraging a strong brand essence and qualifying Caltex for Superbrand status.


The brand ‘Caltex’ is the embodiment of everything the organization strives to accomplish. The brand acts as an endorsement of quality indicating the professionalism and a well established company that is agile, customer focused and socially responsible with a youthful and fun attitude. Caltex also takes advantage of its brand status by continually improving performance and strengthening competitiveness to meet the challenges of the energy industry.


The Caltex brand, as well as all its associated products and services are owned and operated by Chevron Corporation, a company with a reputation for solid business results, strong ethics and incredible employees, everywhere it operates. 

Chevron is the fifth-largest integrated energy company in the world, selling Caltex branded products and services in Asia, Australia and parts of the Middle East and Africa.


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