Caltex Commences Exports to Bangladesh


March 21, 2006 : Today we mark a new milestone in the history of Caltex Lubricants Lanka Limited, the pre-eminent lubricant marketer in Sri Lanka, as it commences exports to Bangladesh. Caltex is Sri Lanka’s leading brand of lubricants and has established a strong consumer franchise. The companies’ strong marketing fundamentals have resulted in the brand being recognized as a among the top 5 power brands in Sri Lanka.


“We believe that good corporate citizens should conduct business in such way to add value to the operating countries and share the benefits of its success with its communities” said Mr Kishu Gomes the company’s Managing Director.


The Bangladeshi lubricant market is three times the market size of Sri Lanka. Success in Bangladesh will result in greater economies of scale which can be leveraged for the benefit of Sri Lankan consumers. The local suppliers of various materials and services will benefit from increased production and business activities amplifying the overall benefits to the country.


Caltex enters into an agreement with the Navana Group in Bangladesh – an organization with an unprecedented reputation and diversified in a range of products, as their local partner for this operation.


The first export order to Bangladesh was ceremonially initiated by Minister for Railways and Transport and Petroleum and Petroleum Development Hon. M H M Fowzie.


Caltex Lubricants Lanka Limited has been exporting products to Maldives, Re-Union and Mauritius Island in addition to toll blending products for other multinational brands. The company also exports Marine lubricant products to other Caltex operating countries including India.


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