Caltex New Coolant Technology with long service life

Havoline-XLI-4L-(H)1Caltex recently introduced a new specialty product for Sri Lankan motorists with Havoline XLI Coolant, suitable for use in any automotive cooling system. This unique new Coolant has been designed with cutting-edge Carboxylate technology and is currently the only premium Coolant in the local market which offers a guaranteed usage capacity of 250,000 km, which is equivalent to a refill interval of up to 5 years.


This new Coolant with Carboxylate technology offers unmatched results in radiator cooling, protection and durability, and is environmentally sensitive.


The new Havoline XLI coolant from Caltex is equipped with unique inhibitor technology which protects the radiator from corrosion and also provides the radiator extreme durable protection. The special Carboxylate technology induces long lasting inhibitor concentration under all local operating conditions.


This innovative specialty product is designed for exceptional compatibility with any engine and cooling system metal and alloys, including aluminum, iron, steel, copper and solder alloys. Havoline XLI Coolant with its advance Carboxylate technology is available in pre-mixed and concentrate forms in 4 litre and 1 litre packs respectively.


"Being the market leader for cutting edge and high performance lubricant brands in the country, we constantly challenge ourselves to elevate the industry standards concerning product quality and technology. The combined resources and technology of Caltex with its parent company Chevron Corporation produce a powerful Lubricants team with an enormous competitive advantage. Our knowledge of lubricant additive technology together with our broad experience of operating in a wide array of countries worldwide provides local know-how on a global scale" commented Mr.Kishu Gomes, the Managing Director/CEO of Chevron Lubricants Lanka PLC.


Chevron Lubricants Lanka PLC, the pre eminent lubricant marketer in Sri Lanka has been in operation since 1994 with its principal business in blending, importation, distribution and marketing of lubricating oils and greases. As a member of the world renowned Chevron Corporation, the organisation has benefited from the expertise and experience of the global lubricant giant Chevron who is one of the world's largest integrated energy companies.


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