Chevron Lubricants Asia Pacific Leaders Meet In Colombo

iamgeThe annual Chevron Lubricants Asia Pacific leadership team meeting this year is being held at the Kingsbury hotel in Colombo from 14th – 17th of February 2016. This is the first of its kind to be held in Sri Lanka, where a diverse group of functional leaders and country heads of Chevron’s Asia Pacific region and a few global leaders come together.


The purpose of the meeting is to take a look back on the successful journey and develop the game plan for 2016 and beyond. The meetings will be attended by Chevron’s global Supply Chain Head – Kevin Luke, Head of Lubricants Asia Pacific Region – Farrukh Saeed, Country Heads Joseph Bronfman, Chutintorn Pugkhem, Louie Zhang and Asim Ali Khan.  Regional leaders representing various functions Christopher Walden, Lennard Kwek and Joanne Koh also will be in attendance together with over 75 regional extended leadership members. Advisor to the President – Chevron Lubricants, Baomin Guo will be a notable participant at this strategically important session.


Chevron lubricants Lanka PLC is an important business unit for the Chevron Corporation which is ranked amongst the world’s top 3 Fortune 500 companies. 51% of Chevron Lubricants Lanka PLC is owned by Chevron, which is by far the market leader in the lubricant industry in Sri-Lanka serving all economic nerve centers adding significant value to the country. Chevron Lubricants Lanka PLC blends locally at the newly commissioned state of the art blending facility located in Sapugaskanda and is the exporter of lubricants to the Asia Pacific countries Bangladesh and the Maldives.


Kishu Gomes, Managing Director/CEO of Chevron Lubricants Lanka PLC who is also a Asia Pacific regional leadership member said  “it’s an honor to be able to host such a significant conference in Colombo at a time the country is going thru a new phase of economic development. This certainly will disseminate some positive vibes to the potential global investors too”.


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