Employee Testimonials

Eenaz Salie
Marketing Manager

Chevron allows me to maintain a great work / life balance. I thoroughly enjoy the culture, and my fellow management team members always make themselves available for questions and insight. Overall, my team makes my job fun!

Channa Tennakoon
Regional Sales Manager

“The Chevron Way and We Lead behaviors advocated by Chevron gives me inspiration in my new role as a leader. It is a privilege to work for an organization which believes in getting results the right way. The support from my direct reports and the other functions is tremendous. I thoroughly enjoy working for this great organization. Me and my team are fully committed to outperform.

Umesh Perera
Maintenance Lead

“I believe that the success of Chevron is the team’s unique commitment to excellence. People are committed to foster a work environment where all individuals are treated with respect and dignity.”


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