Delo® Manual Transmission Fluid ( MTF )

Delo® Manual Transmission Fluid is specially engineered premium performance heavy-duty manual gear oil for on-road trucks and buses. This API GL-4 level manual transmission lubricant is formulated with Chevron ISOSYN® base oil and the latest additive technology to provide superior oil life and wear protection in a wide variety of synchromesh transmissions under extreme service conditions.

Advanced metallo-organic antiwear additive system delivers superior gear pitting resistance and bearing wear protection. The ISOSYN® base oil and thermally stable EP additive system provide outstanding resistance to fluid oxidation and breakdown, enabling extended oil drain intervals.


  • PDS –     Caltex Delo® Manual Transmission Fluid SAE 80W-90 – MSDS


If you couldn’t find the MSDS, please call us on 0114524524

Available in 210L drums, 20L pails, 5L and 1L cans


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