Lanka Gear EP ( API GL-4 ) and Lanka Gear MP ( API GL-5 )

An extreme pressure monograde gear lubricant, specifically designed and formulated for the automotive market in Sri Lanka with naturally oxidation resistant high quality base oils and sulfur-phosphorus EP and Anti-wear additives to meet API Service Category GL-5 and GL-4. Controls wear economically. Good oil service life.


  • PDS –     Lanka Gear MP 90          – MSDS
  • PDS –     Lanka Gear MP 140        – MSDS
  • PDS –     Lanka Gear EP 90          – MSDS
  • PDS –     Lanka Gear EP 140        – MSDS


If you couldn’t find the MSDS, please call us on 0114524524

Available in 210L drums, 20L Pails, 5L and 1L cans



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