2nd Caltex Ruhunu Rugby Sevens at Rathgama

May 9, 2007 : Caltex sponsored Ruhunu Rugby Sevens kicks off for the second consecutive year on the 12th May 2007 at the Ratgama grounds with 24 teams from the South competing for this title.


The Caltex Ruhunu Rugby Sevens which commenced last year with 16 teams from the South competing for the title has witnessed considerable developments over the year. Encouraged by the overwhelming response to the 2007 tournament, Caltex and Ruhunu Rugby Union are committed to continue this tournament annually and introduce elaborate plans to carry the game forward. Caltex firmly believes that popularising of the game in the provinces is essential for the development of the sport.


Rugby in Galle has witnessed significant growth with Galle RFU making its entrance in to the ‘A division’ of the Caltex Interclub Rugby League Tournament in 2006. Clinching the Bowl at the Caltex Knock out Tournament last year, Galle RFU has received great admiration by rugby enthusiasts for their determination towards the sport. The game of Rugby has also become increasingly popular amongst schools in Galle with increasing spectator interests.


Caltex has been commitment to developing sports in the country over the last 10 years through their sponsorships of Motor Sports, Boxing, Indoor Cricket, volleyball and Rugby. The organization has also supported the differently-abled children in their sporting endeavours through the deaf schools association in the country.


Sponsorships are part of Caltex’s way of doing business. Through sponsorships of sports, the organization is able to provide the right mix for the brand to leverage its power, energy & strength and at the same time symbolises the traits of the game. Sponsorships are among the key marketing tools used to reach out and communicate with various customers.


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