4200 estimated infections, 260 deaths in 2012 and more than 16 deaths this year so far; should you ignore the issue anymore? Kishu Gomes, chairman LBCH asks the business leaders.

hivThere are nine new infections reported every day in Sri Lanka. Research also suggests that the numbers reported are far less than the actual number of those infected. This scenario has created a very risk-prone environment amongst the communities who live in ignorance to this impeding issue. Not only does the current situation imply detrimental health risks, but it also risks the socio-economic wellbeing of the country.


Caltex Managing Director/CEO Mr. Kishu Gomes recently met with other leading corporates representing the Lanka Business Coalition on HIV and AIDs as its present Chairman, and in the capacity of a corporate leader, to create the right level of attention to the health, economic and social risks associated with the illness.


The current male to female ratio of reported HIV cases is 1.5:1. Further, a total of 1041 male HIV cases and 698 female HIV cases have been reported, with a total of 457 AIDs cases reported at the end of the second business quarter in 2013.


The Lanka Business Coalition on HIV and AIDs (LBCH) occupies a member base of over 200 corporates in Sri Lanka, and is modeled on the Global Business Coalition on HIV and AIDS and is a member of the Asia Pacific Business Coalition on AIDS.


Caltex has always been a strong advocate towards HIV and AIDs eradication in Sri Lanka. Mr. Kishu Gomes calls out to all business leaders in the country to recognize the magnitude of the issue from an economic perspective and encourages the private sector to take ownership and play an important role in eradicating the HIV and AIDs virus in Sri Lanka.


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