caltex and AIDS foundation committed to eradicate HIV and AIDS

cap2Chevron Lubricants Lanka, marketers of Caltex lubricants has stepped forward to support the AIDS Foundation of Lanka (AFL) for the HIV and AIDs poster competition organized by AFL, to increase public awareness and vigilance pertaining to the causes and prevalence of HIV and AIDS in the country.

As many as nearly 40 posters will be selected as prize winners in the children, youth and adult categories. Each winning piece will be used to educate the public about HIV and AIDs and its implications, including issues related to stigma and discrimination.

The AIDS Foundation of Lanka was inaugurated in November 2008, with a Board of Management consisting of several eminent persons with experience and a proven track record in local and international organizations. The Foundation’s mission is to play a very important pivotal role in promoting comprehensive care of people living with and affected by HIV as well as supporting the numerous activities that are crucial to worthwhile preventive programmes.

Chevron plays an active role in HIV and AIDS prevention both globally and locally. Corporate responsibility is embodied in the organization’s values and the way it operates. The social responsibility projects carried out by Chevron is driven largely by a commitment to socio-economic development, based on research that considers the medical, social, economic, and cultural dynamics shaping the future of Sri Lanka. According to the organization, community partnerships and being socially responsible are fundamental to the broader success of the business as it assists in ways that help stimulate economic growth and enable communities to prosper.



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