caltex invests to promote health, safety and environment at mahanama college

healthChevron Lubricants Lanka PLC MD/CEO Kishu Gomes with school Principal Premalal Kumarasiri at the official unveiling ceremony.


Chevron Lubricants Lanka PLC, recently funded the building construction of the Mahanama College cafeteria. Having seen the need for a proper cafeteria at the school where over 4500 students can benefit, the Company was pleased to have played a major part in enabling a hygienic, environmentally friendly eating area for the school.


Special Health, Environment and Safety signboards were installed throughout the building with messages on hygiene and good eating habits for the students.


"Caltex is an active promoter of Health, Environment and Safety (HES) to its stakeholders and has been exemplifying HES practices in the industry for several years" commented Mr. Kishu Gomes, Managing Director and CEO, Chevron Lubricants Lanka PLC..


Chevron's association with the school began with its school environmental programme "Haritha Gamana", where the Company conducted an essay competition to encourage students to contribute ideas on ways to preserve the environment for future generations. The competition was organized for the students of Mahanama College, Prince of Wales, Moratuwa and Princess of Wales, Moratuwa on the topic – 'the impact of solid waste on our environment and our responsibility as students to curtail it.'


As part of Chevron's commitment towards socially responsible sustainable practices, the "Haritha Gamana" Programme was introduced as a means of reaching out to the community in a different way to promote better health, environment and safety practices amongst the younger generations. The program focuses on changing the mindset of Children to become more safety & health conscious and care for the environment.


"We firmly believe in supporting projects that protect the environment" said Mr. Gomes. "We believe that being socially responsible are fundamental to the broader success of the business as they assist in ways that help stimulate economic growth and enable communities to prosper" he continued.

The social responsibility projects carried out by Chevron is driven largely by a commitment to socio-economic development, based on research that considers the medical, social, economic and cultural dynamics shaping the future of Sri Lanka.


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