Chevron and Sri Lanka girl guides association committed to create awareness on HIV and AIDS among the youth


According to the National STD / AIDS control program which is part of Sri Lanka Department of Health Service, the cumulative number of HIV cases at the end of the 3rd quarter of 2016 was 2,502 and the cumulative number of HIV infected cases was 647. School children of today are very vulnerable to the risk of being victims of HIV/AIDS than their previous generations. The epidemic of HIV/AIDS is now progressing at a rapid pace among the youth.


Chevron Lubricants Lanka, marketers of Caltex lubricants has stepped forward to support Sri Lanka Girl Guides Association to organize a poster competition and exhibition in commemoration of HIV & AIDs day, which falls on the 1st of December. This event is organized to increase awareness and vigilance pertaining to the causes and prevalence of HIV and AIDS mainly targeting the school children, adolescents, vulnerable young mothers and females in the North Western Province of Sri Lanka.


On the 29th of November at the Sri Nissanka Maha Vidyalaya in Kurunegala, the students and other participants will be educated by subject specialists on HIV & AIDS. The theme for the art competition will be given at this event and the participants of the competition will be given the opportunity to draw and submit their posters for the competition.


The poster competition will commence on the 1st of December at the Red Cross hall in Kurunegala with the participation of distinguished guests and well-wishers. The exhibition will be held until the 3rd of December and will conclude with recognizing the winners. There will be 6 categories of entries, from each category 5 winners will be selected entitling 30 winners to receive recognition and reward at the completion. Each winning piece will be used to educate the public about HIV and AIDS and its implications, including issues related to stigma, sexual harassment, preventive measures, getting tested for HIV and discrimination.


The SLGGA is a voluntary charitable organization duly incorporated by Act of Parliament (No 12 of 1965) will be celebrating 100 years of service to the county in March 2017. The Association works towards developing the fullest potential of girls and young women by harnessing their talents. SLGGA has successfully initiated effective awareness campaigns on HIV & AIDS over the past 12 years in many towns including Colombo and Rathnapura. These campaigns have received overwhelming public response.


Chevron plays an active role in HIV and AIDS prevention both globally and locally. Corporate responsibility is embodied in the organization’s values and the way it operates. The social responsibility projects carried out by Chevron is driven largely by a commitment to socio-economic development, based on research that considers the medical, social, economic, and cultural dynamics shaping the future of Sri Lanka. According to the organization, community partnerships and being socially responsible are fundamental to the broader success of the


business as it assists in ways that help stimulate economic growth and enable communities to prosper.


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