Chevron Lubricants Lanka PLC together with the Champion Network created the benchmark initiative for a HIV & AID’s Free Sri Lanka.

Chevron Lubricants Lanka PLC together with the Champion network held the most effective HIV & AIDS awareness campaign by the name of “Love Life”. In Sri Lanka the reported number of people living with HIV in 2014 was 1737, this number has increased to an estimated 3300 cases in the year 2015. The rise in the number of HIV & AIDS infections can be controlled through effective awareness. The “Love Life” campaign created the vital awareness on HIV & AIDS for prevention and care for self and country with the participation of the general public. This campaign was featured by two main events in Colombo.

On the 19th of December a mega musical show was organized at the Galle Face Green. This evening event which concluded past mid night attracted a prodigious crowed. The event was graced by …………….as the chief guest. Many significant political, businesses, entertainment, sporting and medical dignitaries also joined this mega event to show their support. The “Love Life” mega musical show was featured by popular local entertainment artists as well as international artists such as Karthik and members of the A.R Rahman’s music academy, who entertained the crowed with Sinhala, English, Tamil and Hindi performances.

The second event was the “Love Life walk and the cycling parade”. The event started at 7.30 am on the 20th of December, from the Colombo Municipal Council grounds. The cycling parade toured 5 Km’s, while the walking parade covered an area of 3 Km’s around Colombo. The event was participated by a large number of patriotic Sri Lankans representing all demographics. The “Love Life walk and the cycling parade” was followed by entertainment and a medical camp which offered free medical check – ups, medical care and assistance for the general public free of charge.

This campaign was powerfully supported by the electronic and print media. Radio and Television trailers, interviews, and endorsements were on Sirasa TV, Sirasa FM, Shakthi TV, Shakthi FM, Yes FM, Legends 96.6 and MTV sports promoting the “Love Life” initiative and in inviting participation.

The “Love Life” campaign addressed the need for effective awareness on HIV & AIDS amongst the Sri Lankans. The number of unreported cases of HIV & AIDS is expected to be greater than the number of reported cases. Thus Awareness on HIV & AIDs is pivotal in preventing the Spread of the pandemic by educating people on how the infection is transmitted, preventive methods and of available medical Assistance such as the antiretroviral treatments, which are able of improve the quality of life of the infected. Awareness will also eliminate the misconceptions and the social stigma associated with HIV & AIDs.
The most valuable asset to support Sri Lanka’s socio- economic development drive is the workforce. The increasing prevalence rate of HIV & AIDs disrupts the socio- economic development progress which Sri Lanka is striving to achieve. The productivity of the workforce is influenced by their quality of life. HIV & AIDs impede the quality of life of the infected while trickling down to negatively affects organizational profitability and ultimately impeding the progress on socio-economic development. In Sri Lanka the HIV & AIDs statistics reveals that the most number of infected people belongs to the workforce. According to the 2014 reports, 75% of the HIV & AIDS infected people are reported to be between 25 – 49 years of age, from the Colombo district.

Chevron plays an active role in HIV and AIDs prevention both globally and locally. Corporate responsibility is embodied in the organization’s values and the way it operates. The social responsibility projects carried out by Chevron is driven largely by the company’s commitment accelerate the progress of socio-economic development. The success of the “Love Life” campaign demonstrated the strength and commitment of Chevron’s corporate responsibility to Sri Lankans.


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