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Diesel Vehicle Engine Oils


Introduced in 1935, Delo® was the first successful commercially available detergent-type diesel engine oil based on “ISOSYN” technology.

Caltex Delo® has a long history of proven performance that has firmly established the Delo brand name worldwide as the symbol of reliability and unsurpassed performance for all types of diesel engines. Lead by Caltex Delo® 400 MGX Multigrade, these advanced technology products set the standard in customer value.

Delo® engine with ISOSYN® Technology, combines premium base oils with high performance additives in a way that provides diesel parts protection that rivals synthetic performance. Delo engine oils with ISOSYN® Technology help provide extended service protection, maximize engine durability and minimize operating costs. Delo is more than just a premium line of engine oils. From transmissions to differentials, from wheel bearings to shackle pins, we’ve got your equipment covered.


  • PDS –     Caltex Delo® 400 MGX SAE 15W-40                   – MSDS
  • PDS –     Caltex Delo® 400 Multigrade SAE 15W-40        – MSDS
  • PDS –     Caltex Delo® Gold Ultra                                         – MSDS
  • PDS –     Caltex Delo® Gold Multigrade SAE 15W-40      – MSDS
  • PDS –     Caltex Delo® Gold Monograde SAE 40             – MSDS


If you couldn’t find the MSDS, please call us on 0114524524

Delo® grades are available in 210L drums, 20L pails, 5L and 1L cans


Delo® Sports Synthetic Blend SAE 10W-30

Delo ® Sports Synthetic Blend SAE 10W-30 is a premium quality, high performance, low viscosity synthetic blend diesel engine oil, specifically designed to meet the requirements of SUVs – sports utility, sports activity, pickups including 4X4 off-road vehicles of Japanese origin. This API CI-4 heavy duty type synthetic blend formulated from high performance hydrocracked base oils combined with selected synthetic base fluids, is environmentally friendly as its synthetic properties support clean fuel burning with lower emissions, and its low viscosity facilitates increased fuel efficiency. Very high oxidation stability combined with excellent dispersant and anti-wear characteristics minimizes deposit formation and wear, extending engine life.


  • PDS – Caltex Delo®  Sports Synthetic Blend SAE 10W-30 –MSDS


If you couldn’t find the MSDS, please call us on 0114524524

Available in 6 L and 1 L cans


Lanka Super DS

Lanka Super DS is the leading heritage Lankan brand for diesel engines, trusted by generations over three decades, for optimum performance in Sri Lankan conditions island-wide.

This high quality Multigrade; heavy-duty diesel engine oil is specially designed to lubricate diesel engines requiring API CH4 performance lubricants. The level of alkaline reserve makes it particularly suitable for use with high sulfur fuels.

Saves on maintenance and prolongs periods between overhauls. It also preserves power and performance and enables long oil drain intervals.

  • PDS –     Lanka Super DS SAE 15W-40           – MSDS
  • PDS –     Lanka Super DS SAE 20W-50           – MSDS

If you couldn’t find the MSDS, please call us on 0114524524
Available in 210L drums, 20L Pails, 5L and 1L cans


Super Diesel Oil (CF) Multigrade

Super Diesel Oil (CF) Multigrade is a heavy-duty diesel engine oil specifically designed to lubricate turbocharged and naturally aspirated diesel engines that require API CF performance lubricants in price sensitive markets or in conditions that require frequent oil changes.


  • PDS –     Caltex Super Diesel Oil (CF) Multigrade SAE 15W-40  – MSDS


If you couldn’t find the MSDS, please call us on 0114524524


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