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Chevron markets a series of specialty fluids for a range of specific automotive and industrial applications. The range includes premium performance, environmentally sensitive Coolants with anti-freeze and corrosion inhibiting properties suitable for use in applications ranging from light duty automotive gasoline to heavy duty diesel engines, as well as premium, non-petroleum automotive Brake Fluid designed for use in a wide range of conventional hydraulic brake & clutch systems.

Techron® Concentrate Plus

Aftermarket Fuel Additive

Techron® Concentrate Plus is a powerful fuel system treatment that helps to restore lost power and performance caused by deposit build-up in passenger cars and light duty trucks. Techron® Concentrate Plus is formulated with an improved deposit control element, which can clean sulfur corrosion, a possible cause of fuel gauge malfunction. Regular use can prevent harmful sulfur components in gasoline from attacking sensitive electronic fuel sending units on some vehicles.

Customer benefits

Techron Concentrate Plus is recommended by many major automakers and is an unsurpassed, complete fuel system cleaner, which can help:

  • Restore lost power and performance
  • Clean deposits from fuel injectors, carburetors, intake valves, and combustion chambers, which in turn can:
    • Restore lost acceleration
    • Restore lost fuel economy
    • Lower harmful exhaust emissions
    • Relieve cold start problems
    • Reduce deposit-related knock and ping
  • Clean and protect against sulfurs that can harm fuel gauge sensors.
  • PDS – Techron® Concentrate Plus – MSDS

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