Chevron Lubricants Lanka PLC manufactures and distributes quality lubricants under the brands Caltex, Havoline, Delo and Lanka in Sri Lanka. Over 90% of products marketed by Chevron Lubricants Lanka PLC are produced locally at it’s blending plant in Lindel Estate, Sapugaskanda.


Chevron Lubricants Lanka PLC strengthened its market leadership by being the only plant with BS EN ISO 9001:2008 certification from UK’s most reputed standards body, the British Standards Institute (BSI). Chevron’s state-of-the-art facility is currently the only lubricant blending plant in the country to have received this certification from BSI, UK.

The new blending facility is built on a 4 ½ acreage of land has a floor area of 5,000 sq m to enable Chevron Lubricants Lanka PLC to blend with the nations growth better. This semi-automated plant has the capacity to produce 45 MML per annum of finished lubricants in a single shift operation with improved material flow for optimal efficiency and productivity. It’s also equipped with an in-house modern laboratory facility and on-site base oil and finished lubricants storage tank farm. The modern warehouse with an efficient racking system has 1.4 million litre storage capacity for raw materials & finished products. The plant is conceptualized and designed by the US experts, is in par with the very latest global technology and safety standards.


The raw material suppliers for all Chevron products blended locally are ISO 9001 certified, and are monitored under the Global Quality Framework of Chevron Corporation.


At Chevron, ‘quality’ is an integral part of the entire business operation. The upgraded BSI certification serves as a measure of Chevron’s management and operational controls on quality. It demonstrates the standard established by Chevron to provide cutting-edge lubricant solutions that meet the demands of technologically advanced engines and machines.

Core Manufacturing Activities

Lubricants are blended using the highest quality raw materials supplied from facilities with quality management systems certified with BS:EN ISO 9001. The blending process at Sapugaskanda is subject to stringent quality control measures that ensure highest standards at all times.

The blended lubricants are regularly subjected to rigorous quality control testing at Chevron’s state-of-the-art laboratory.

The tested and certificated products are then filled into containers using automated filling machines.

Key Activities of Manufacturing

Base Oil Storage

Lubricants are manufactured using a combination of base oils and chemical additives. Different viscosity grades of base oil are imported from Chevron approved supply sources in tanker ships and stored in tanks at the Mutwal base oil terminal.

Additive Storage

Finished lubricants contain one or more additives blended with one or more base oils. The additives are used to enhance the performance characteristics of the base oils. Some additives affect only one aspect of performance, while other additives may have multiple effects. Additives with different chemical compositions are imported from Chevron approved sources to be used in a variety of finished lubricants suitable for industrial applications.

Blending of Lubricants

The base oils and additives are blended and processed according to Chevron approved formulations, under controlled conditions required for the manufacture of finished lubricants.

Testing of Lubricants to Assure Quality

To ensure we retain our position as the product leaders in advanced lubricant technology and ensure highest level of performance, value and customer satisfaction for the intended application, all blended lubricants are tested for various characteristics at our laboratory to ensure the conformity to stringent specifications before the lubricants are packed.

Packaging of Lubricants

The blended lubricants are packed into customized, environmentally-friendly packs and cans as per the end users requirement. At the filling stage, various quality control checks are carried out to ensure the integrity of the packed lubricants.

Warehousing and Distribution

The packed and canned lubricants are transferred to the plant’s warehouse, which is managed by a third party logistics specialist. The finished lubricants are then distributed island-wide from the warehouse, through our extensive network of regional distributors.


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