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sustainability overview

Our integrated approach to sustainability starts at home by empowering our people to get results the right way. At a global level, Chevron’s efforts to protect the environment and develop clean energy have never been stronger.

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The Chevron One culture celebrates diversity and embraces unity. We remain steadfast in our commitment to our people by creating equal opportunities in our hiring process, fostering professional growth, and creating a work environment where safety always comes first.


Our responsibility extends beyond our walls into the community. Our work supports the communities we operate in to prosper by providing jobs and developing local infrastructure. Around the world, Chevron has contributed to health, economic development, and education.


We are committed to finding cleaner ways to operate by supporting environmental conservation projects under our CSR initiatives, maintaining rigorous practices for water management at our plant, and finding ways to lower our carbon contribution.


Over the last three decades, we’ve initiated and supported many projects to help the environment and our communities.

  • Reducing our carbon footprint via solar (PV) panels To aid Sri Lanka’s ongoing electricity crisis, we’ve undertaken a solar panel installation project. Phase 01 of the project is currently in progress with panels installed on the roof of our production facility. Our goal is to contribute approximately 264,000 kW to the national grid upon completion of the entire project.
  • Creating a safer Sri Lanka via effective road safety campaigns
  • Working to improve national medical services and raising awareness of HIV & Aids
  • Bringing education to rural Sri Lanka by partnering with the presidential book project


At Chevron, safety is our number one priority and a key focus area under our Enterprise Execution Strategy. This includes world-class systems and tools in daily operations that adhere to global safety standards and rigorous safety practices that are in place for all our employees, from our executives at the office to the drivers who distribute products. All of which has helped us maintain an impeccable safety record with fifteen consecutive years of incident-free operations in Sri Lanka.

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