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Caltex Abhimani Empowers Women for International Womens Day 2024

Stereotypical thinking often labels the automobile industry as a masculine domain, yet 81 daring women in Sri Lanka, (nearly 15% of the total outlet population), have engaged in this category as Chevron Exclusive Dealers.

Chevron Sri Lanka felicitated these ladies who own and operate Caltex Authorized Dealerships and Caltex Xpress Lubes, for their involvement and contribution, at an event held on March 28, 2024, as part of Women’s History month and International Women's Day celebrated this year under the theme ‘Inspire Inclusion’. The “Caltex Abhimani” event (meaning the pride of Caltex, in the local language), hosted by Chevron Sri Lanka management, engaged these pioneering women through a half day knowledge sharing seminar – where topics of health and wellness, as well as financial management, were discussed by subject matter experts.

The ladies were also provided with a free “Health Screening” voucher from a reputed local hospital comprising of 10 important medical tests including tests specifically related to female wellness such as pap smear, mammogram and breast scan, as well as a free consultation/medical examination with a general physician, all sponsored by Chevron. Members of the Chevron Sri Lanka Women’s Employee Network (SWEN) also participated in the event, supporting with the logistics and interacting with the ladies from our exclusive dealer network. The program was very well received by our female channel partners.