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chevron at the forefront in lubricant technology and innovation

4L Hav AP ECO5 0W20Chevron is a world leading energy company which is reputed for its excellence in innovation and technology. In the lubricant industry where the technology is constantly evolving, Chevron has been successful in proactively being aligned with the global standards.

The quality and the efficiency of a lubricant is enhanced by the additives which are blended with the base oil.  Oronite is Chevron’s subsidiary company which develops and manages the additives of the lubricants. Oronite achieved an important milestone when it received General Motor’s first Dexos 1:2015 approval in late 2015. GM adopted its specially designed new additive package, Dexos1 classification in order to have a single globally recommended oil quality.

Oronite invests heavily on inventing additive technology, to provide leading-edge competitive passenger car motor oils for the customers. Oronite’s legacy of strong passenger car motor oil enables Chevron to deliver the latest dexos-1 performance while simultaneously meeting ILSAC GF-5 and API SN standards.

Havoline® Pro DS ECO 5 SAE 0W-20 is a Fully Synthetic Dexos-1 licensed engine oil, specially designed for hybrid vehicles. Dexos – 1 : 2015 provides additional performance and robustness from a motor oil to help provide improved fuel efficiencies and improved turbocharger- protection. Further the technology of Dexos – 1 : 2015 tests for deposits, provides wear and sludge protection; plus provides lower volatility (which leads to improved oil consumption) and better shear stability.

Chevron Lubricants Lanka PLC is the market leader in the Sri Lankan lubricant market. The company is a member of the world renowned Chevron family. The leading lubricant brands Caltex, Havoline, Delo and Lanka are distributed in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and in the Maldives by Chevron Lubricants Lanka PLC. The company blends locally at its state of the art blending facility located in Sapugaskanda, for domestic consumption and also for export revenue generation.

Lubricants of Chevron are made to match highest performance standards, which are accepted by the automobile manufacturers. The superior technology of Chevron is energizing Sri Lanka’s economy, through the services extended to the country’s transport, railway and the main infrastructure provisions.