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Delo proves 30,000 KM on a single oil drain in Sri Lanka

Delo took a monumental step forward in Sri Lanka’s lubricant market by proving an oil drain interval of 30,000 kilometers* providing Heavy Duty Diesel Engine vehicle owners with extended service intervals and a plethora of other benefits.

Using ISOSYN technology, Delo, has utilized the expertise and experience to develop top tier products that combine premium base oils with high-performance additives to deliver protection to engine parts, granting Delo users ostensibly unmatched performance advantage of 30,000 kilometers on single oil drain, extended engine protection, confidence, durability and savings.

This innovative technological advancement in product development will help grant businesses a stronghold in these uncertain times by enhancing savings potentially of up to 17% through maintenance, service and operational cost reductions, supporting corporate, small and medium sized fleet operators to overcome the difficult economic conditions that the country is currently facing.